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We are experts in Hormone Replacement Therapies

We offer our services in Florida, Texas and Louisiana. Our doctors will take care of your body and improve its performance, offering cutting edge technology to help you achieve your goals.

We offer a simple and personalized process to help you achieve optimal health.

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Find your optimal hormone balance with our Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

HRT for Women

We offer a personalized program designed to ease the symptoms of hormone imbalances

HRT for Men

Get back the vitality and vigor you lost with our customized HRT Program.

Testosterone Replacement therapy

Increase your energy and drive, improve your mood and lose some weight

Pellet Therapy

A naturally-based therapy derived from plants that mimics the naturally made body hormones

Growth Hormone Therapy

Maintain healthy human growth hormone levels and enhance the anti-aging process.

Our Process

Our process is simple and easy. First, you can set up a phone consultation with one of our HRT doctors, and we will ask you a couple things and answer to your concerns.

Then we will refer you to one of our centers for a simple lab work and standard physical test.

We will review your results and develop a customized plan for you,  that you can do at home and at your own pace. It may consist of medications, supplements, injections, or a combination of various applications designed to fit your lifestyle and meet your goals

Typical Symptoms of Hormone Deficiency in men

• Lack of sexual stamina
• Reduced muscle mass and tone
• Erectile dysfunction
• Hair loss
• Lack of memory
• Interrupted concentration
• Increased abdominal fat
• Higher cholesterol levels

Typical Symptoms of Hormone Deficiency in women

• Night sweats
• Sleep disturbances
• Weight gain
• Vaginal dryness
• Hair thinning
• Mood swings
• Migraines

We’re passionate about health and longevity.

We believe in simple, personalized and result-driven plans to achieve optimal health.

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