Hormones are molecules that are produced by certain glands. They travel through the body’s circulatory system and aid various organs in functioning properly. When there’s some type of hormone imbalance, those organs receive too much or too little of the proper hormone. As a result, your physical and emotional balance is disrupted. Could the symptoms you are experiencing right now have to do with an imbalance? Here are just some examples of what this type of condition can cause.

Problems Sleeping

Are you having issues with sleep? The problem may be getting to sleep or staying that way throughout the night. Perhaps you never quite achieve the deep sleep that your body needs. The result is that you feel tired, weak, and basically not ready to face the day. A hormone imbalance could be the underlying cause of your sleep issues. Once the imbalance is corrected, sleeping may come easier.

Unexplained Irritability

You’re normally the type of person who can deal with anything. Lately, it seems as if every little thing drives you up the wall. On one level, you know there’s no reason to get so upset. On another level, you can’t help it. Unexplained irritability is a potential sign of a hormone imbalance.

Anxiety and Depression

A hormone imbalance definitely affects your emotions. With the right approach to restoring a healthy balance of hormones, these emotional illnesses may fade and eventually disappear.

Problems with Your Weight

You follow a healthy diet and work out regularly. Even so, your waist is expanding. Why can’t you get rid of those excess pounds? The answer could be a hormone imbalance.

Brain Fog

A hormone imbalance also impacts the ability to concentrate. If you find it hard to manage tasks that used to be easy, it could be your hormones.

Loss of Muscle and Muscle Tone

Are you losing muscle or noticing that your muscles are not as toned as they were before? Assuming you are still working out, the problem could be a hormone imbalance.

The good news is that bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can restore a proper balance and incrementally free you from these and a number of other symptoms. Make an appointment at Angelic Lift in Daytona Beach to learn more information. Contact our office today to arrange your consultation!