You’ve never given your testosterone levels much thought. You knew about them but thought about your hormones as something behind the scenes. You’ve always felt good about your body and your health. You’ve had plenty of energy, you have managed to stay in shape, and you are happy with your intimate moments with your partner. Everything changed as you approached 50. You feel like your body is suddenly slowing down on you. You’re exhausted and you don’t know why. You can’t keep up at the gym. You’ve lost interest in the bedroom. You’ve been snapping at people. You’re struggling with your weight. None of these problems ever happened before. Your hormone levels could be the culprit, and testosterone replacement could help.

Testosterone Replacement Could Be What You Need

It’s completely normal for a man’s testosterone levels to fluctuate throughout his lifetime. In your late teens and 20s, you had optimal levels. This was the time you felt you could take on any physical challenge. Your levels began to go down with the passage of time. However, you might not have noticed the difference because the change was gradual. Once the milestone of 40 passes you by, your drop in testosterone levels could be more severe. This drop can cause unsettling symptoms. Testosterone replacement can help you to increase your hormone levels again. Once you achieve balance inside your body, you will feel better.

Is Testosterone Replacement the Answer?

The best way to find out if you need testosterone replacement is to speak to your doctor. Make an appointment to talk about how you have been feeling. Your doctor will look at any changes that have occurred in your life that could contribute to your symptoms. Expect a physical evaluation. A blood sample will be drawn to look at your hormone levels. If you do have low testosterone, hormone replacement therapy could be the next step. Going to your doctor can help you to find answers. It’s important to know what is going on with your health before making any impulsive decisions.

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